Handyman Insurance

Handyman Insurance

eContractors Insurance wants to insure you because we value the unique set of skills handymen offer.  So getting the coverage you need with minimal work and simple service is easy with eContractors. That’s why we have been chosen for over 20 years by handymen looking for insurance coverage because we make it simple, straight-forward general liability insurance, and all for a reasonable price.

do I Need Handyman Insurance?

Yes, because all handymen need to be covered in case the rare unexpected happens! So, if a lawsuit ever does come up, you want to feel the relief that you have already taken the right steps.

What does General Liability Cover?

Handyman General Liability Insurance is much like other types of construction-focused general liability insurance. General Liability Insurance insures your lawyer’s fees, court expenses and damages are covered. If a incident happens, General Liability also covers surprise expenses of:

  • property damage
  • bodily injuries
  • advertising injuries
  • reputation damages
  • slip-and-fall
  • and other common lawsuits

How Do I know I have the right insurance for my handyman business?

There are a few key characteristics to keep in mind when choosing who will have your back when you need it. So, here are the three main things you should consider…

  • the age of the insurance company. eContractors has been serving the Construction Industry with General Liability Insurance for nearly 20 years.
  • the coverage, ask the right questions to make sure you understand how covered you are and what coverage you need. eContractors specializes in customizing coverage to meet individual needs.
  • how easy it is to get your certificate. Most likely you are looking for your general liability certificate to fulfill handyman job requirements. eContractors can get your insured and provide you with a general liability certificate in the same day!

Get your handyman business covered today! Fill out our quick quote form for an instant quote. Also, There’s no obligation to commit and we’ll save your quote for up to 30 days.